Bicol One Philosophy
  • Corporate Mission: To Create and enhance the well-being of the Filipino People for better Communications and Transforming lives through an Ultimate  technology.
  • Excellence: Bicol One strives to bring the best internet connection through seamlessly and excellent services in entire region and to the world at reasonable cost.
  • Pride: Bicol One prides itself in always being a Forerunner Internet Of Things Provider using latest Technology and bring The Best Services To The People.
  • Viability: Bicol One must maintain sound and viable operations for it to endure, prosper, and grow.
  • Enthusiasm and Caring/Participation and Involvement: Bicol One believes that the achievement of the company is the result of the combined efforts of all employees imbued with the spirits, drive, and enthusiasm of its founder and working together wholeheartedly as a team towards the attainment of common corporates objectives.
  • Commitment: Bicol One shall provide dynamic compensation/benefit structures and incentives, safe working conditions, good opportunities for training and advancement, and give due recognition to those loyal and dedicated personnel who excel in their performance.
  • Core Values: To provide courteous and personalized SERVICE

Bicol One Aims

  • Bicol One was established with the objective of providing high standard and quality services for communications projects and other related services at the best value in terms of price.
  • Bicol-One aims to serve not only in the province of Sorsogon but also other parts of Bicol Region and the rest of the Philippines wherein internet is not available or weak. 
  • Its founder is committed to provide better service  with the passion to help the less fortunate people through an enhanced Internet service especially during this time of a worldwide pandemic.
  • General Contractors
  • Public and Private Companies
  • Philippine National Police (PNP)
  • Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)
  • Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT)
  • National Power Corporation (NPC)
  • Department of Education (DepEd)
  • Local Governments (i.e. Cities, Barangays, etc.)
  • Private Schools, Colleges and Universities


  • To build a network infrastructure through a fiber optic technology as a data transport and a wifi technology for distribution to enable internet access to constituent, businesses and enabling online processes for the entire Bicol Region municipalities and its departments.
  • To build a WiFi infrastructure that will cover the entire Bicol Region.
  • To build and install a CCTV system via Smart Street Pole
  • To develop and deploy mobile and web based applications to ease constituents interacting with the Local Government Units , hospitals and the police force.
  • To develop and deploy mobile and web based services applications such as but not limited to: booking, payment, remittance, etc.
  • To eventually introduce IoT and other future technologies to the entire Bicol Region.